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.     The horses here require loving, knowledgeable and caring owners. 

.      Prospective owners  capable of continuing rehabilitation

       for those horses from rescue (R) backgrounds  would be ideal.

.      Some of these horses are companion (C) horses only but still require

       handling for health maintenance.

.     These horses have not been ridden for some time because of carer's health disabilities

.     All horses are based at Johns River, midway between Port MacQuarie & Taree.

.     Please contact equibiz@tsn.cc for further information




(R) Milly  is 14.2hh and approx 18 years old.  Milly was rescued from Queensland and, as is normally the case, she required some time to  try and put her horrific experiences in the doggers yards in the past.  Milly has come a long way with her acceptance of being caught, rugged etc. and shows that she  has been a really great little horse in her time. She has not been ridden since relocation to NSW.

(R) Charlie is approximately 11.2hh and 18 years old.  Charlie's background is as a riding pony who was owned by a young lass who liked  to gallop him everywhere.  He was not respected or handled correctly and then harshly treated for his resulting behaviour.  Charlie has come a long way and 2 years has not put a foot wrong.  He needs to be re-educated with a gentle, capable, lightweight adult rider who will teach him it is okay to do things slowly and could then graduate as a 2nd pony for children needing to advance their riding skills. 

Sal is a beautiful 8 year old 14hh 3/4 Arabian x Welsh pony $1000.  Whilst Sal has not as yet been trained to saddle because of owners disabilities, she wears a rug, is good with hoof trimming and  floating.  Sal has been introduced to the bit, has been gently long-lined and enjoys being trained.  Sal would suit a pony dressage career with a small, light-weight adult rider once she has been given the opportunity to be ridden for a while. Sal is eligible for registration with the Arabian Society and we would help with the paperwork but all fees would need to be paid by the new owner.  Would prefer a home in the western country because of allergy to culicoides midge (Qld itch)

Dafydd is a welsh gelded pony (Welsh  x Australian ) 11.2 hh and 22 years young. $2000. 

Dafydd is exceptionally talented and would suit a child moving up a notch.  He is a real pal, gentle on the ground and enjoys companionship.  He requires an excellent home in the western  country as he is allergic to the bite of culicoides midge ( Qld itch) and needs to be free of all the pests which make life hell on the coast.  The ideal home for him would be one where there are a few children who could graduate to riding him.   Dafydd is also eligible for registration with the Welsh Pony society.

(C) Pride is a  Arabian x Welsh pony mare 13.2hh and 13 years old - $1000. 

Pride wears a rug, floats etc but has not been mouthed or trained to saddle because of an injury to one of her forelegs early in life.  Her daughter Sal is seen above.  Pride is ideal for breeding and we can help with paperwork so that Pride and her progeny can be registered with Arabian Society.  The new owner would need to pay all fees.


Discounted Transport available through

Al's Horse Transport - Allan Brennan , does Dubbo and all around central NSW

Based in Sydney (02)9627-3962  0404791366,

MLT Horse Transport - Craig McKenzie 0419115026  also covers Victoria weekly. 

Based Wagga Wagga  (02)6971-1680