MITE Itch NO-More & Itch NO-More

                                            An  Owner's  Report

My dog Jess (female English Staffordshire terrier) had been suffering with an atopic condition for about 3 years (she is 5 ½ years old).                                                                                                                                       

For the first two years the condition

  • Only occurred in summer and only occurred on the stomach and feet
  • Was mainly red, swollen areas with minor scabbing from scratching
  • We ruled out diet by going 5 months on a restricted diet recommended by our vet (rice, lamb, chicken, vegetables only) with no change in her condition
  • We ruled out fleas and mites via the vet
  • We could not find any obvious allergens so far as plants in the garden etc
  • Was managed well by corticosteroids for ‘hot’ periods and then managed with antihistamines. 




For the past year:

  • The condition worsened in summer but it was still ongoing into the winter months (and had actually escalated even though the weather was cooler)
  • Had appeared on her ears, eyes, back as well as the stomach and feet
  • Was red, bleeding and there was significantly more scabbing as her itching was now out of control
  • She had lost a large amount of fur in patches on her back, head and paws. It appeared as very thinned fur as she is black so her skin tone masks the patches of fur loss.
  • From December to January she was on large doses of corticosteroids which only mildly improved the condition and the itching still continued (albeit less constantly than before). We then went back to antihistamines which she was now taking twice daily in Feb-March. I noticed if I did not give the antihistamines regularly that the itching increased in severity. However, even while on this medication she continued to scratch, bleed etc every day.
  • Her behaviour has been lethargic and she was not her peppy self. She had to be forced to walk on grass to go to the toilet as her feet were so tender.
  • I had been supplementing the antihistamines with Cod Liver oil or Salmon Oil tablets daily.


From April to May on Itch no More   


  • The constant scratching stopped after one application – this alone would be sufficient for me to continue using the product!
  • She did not attempt to lick off the salve which was a problem with previous steroidal creams and other natural products we had tried. In addition the salve stayed on for a good period of time which allowed it to really take effect.
  • All of the scabs have gone, except for one hot spot on her front paw. This one has improved greatly and just flares up every now and then.
  • Most of her fur has grown back, except on her back torso as her hair seems to be slow to grow.
  • Her personality improved as soon as the itching stopped – she became a lot happier and more active.
  • She has been racing around the back yard in the grass with no problems.